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Where Every Moment Is Crafted to Perfection: Weaving Your Love Story into the Fabric of Fairytales.


The Art of Wedding Craftsmanship

Our tale began with one simple ambition: to bring your deepest desires to life. Set against the scenic vistas of Phuket’s tranquil shores and verdant scenery, we found the perfect canvas for narrating your unique love story.

At Duke Weddings, we understand that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it deserves to be nothing less than magical.  



Founder of Duke wedding

Welcome to our world of wedding wonders. I am Duke, your seasoned Phuket wedding host, with a rich history of leading over a thousand nuptials. My talent lies in blending a tapestry of cultural traditions to create an unforgettable matrimonial event that will take your breath away.

My love for crafting beautiful weddings matches your dream for a perfect day. Every wedding is a unique story, and I’m here to make yours shine. From start to finish, I’ll be with you, turning each moment into something special.


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Our Services: What we provide

Intimate Wedding

"Let Duke Wedding create your small, dream wedding with a personal touch, ensuring a warm, memorable day just for you and your loved ones."

Wedding Proposal

"Plan a perfect proposal with Duke Wedding — charming spots, discreet photos, and a special plan that makes your big question unforgettable."


Wedding Packages

Contemporary, Luxurious, Affordable – The Duke Wedding Experience 

45, 000 ฿

Two of Us Simply Celebrant

What's included?

89, 000 ฿

Two of Us + Small Group

What's included?

158, 000 ฿

Full Package

What's included?

288, 000 ฿

Luxury Package

What's included?

The Perfect Wedding Begins with the Perfect Planner

Choose Duke Wedding for meticulous coordination, unique venue selections, and bespoke experiences that set the stage for your idyllic, unforgettable wedding day.


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